I am a big fan of the Soprano’s. As most of you know by now, last night was the “big finale”. To my surprise, at the end of the show, I seriously thought the cable had gone out, but it didn’t. It just ended. I thought the whole family would have gotten shot, but that would have been like the Godfather. Today trying to search for some answers an article by Alessandra Stanley from the New York Times had the following to say:

“After eight years and so much frenzied anticipation, any ending would have been a letdown. Viewers are conditioned to seek a resolution, happy or sad, so it was almost fitting that this HBO series that was neither comedy nor tragedy should defy expectations in its very last moments. In that way at least “The Sopranos” delivered a perfectly imperfect finish.

The ending was a reminder of what made David Chase’s series about New Jersey mobsters so distinctive from the beginning. “The Sopranos” was the most unusual and realistic family drama in television history…The decline and fall of the Sopranos — Tony; his wife, Carmela; and the rest — served as a parable of America in decline…”

The whole America in decline statement could get into a day long debate with no resolution. That could transcend into just not America, but a global problem. The thing that made me anxious as I was sitting in my couch with a dumbfounded look on my face was that I felt I needed that resolution. So it got me thinking…do we need resolution in our lives all the time??? I mean, I feel we are constantly trying to approach life as a math problem. We go and read the problem, we think about it and then we go and solve it…but isn’t that unrealistic??? As we go on living, don’t we find ourselves filled with unresolved conflicts? Isn’t that what makes life frustrating as we get older? My discovery is that maybe life is just a compilation of Soprano’s endings…