As you have probably have gathered I am a bit obsessed with music. This morning I woke up so happy. First I was able to get a full night of sleep for the first time in over a week and second Viva la Vida, the new Coldplay album, was out today. So this morning, I got to work a little late and went and got the album.

When I played the first song, a feeling of calmness came over me. Sort as if I was fulfilled for the moment being. Coldplay is a very sentimental band for me because it has been around in some of the most meaningful moments of my life in the past few years. It has been sort of the soundtrack to my past.

All 10 songs of Viva la Vida are great, but up to now (it has been nonstop listening for the past 4 hrs) my favorites are Cemeteries of London, Yes, and Violet Hill. In the past hour Lost! has been growing on me. Overall, it is a very melodic album, continuing with the trend of past albums, but there are more instrumentals and new rhythms being explored. The undoubtedly well renown Brian Eno was the producer. Asides from his successful career as a solo artist he has also produced albums for such acts as the Talking Heads and U2. So far I love it. Somehow I feel transported to Napoleonic times.

Now as far as the name of the album itself it could mean a lot to the band, but to me personally the message hits home. To live life. Maybe to the fullest or maybe to whatever you can live up to. Maybe to a quick rhythm or to a slow jazzy melody. Just to live. Live it. Lately, I have felt that I have been living my life in a less passionate manner. I have conformed a little bit more. I feel like in a holding pattern. It makes me anxious. But hopefully, the soundtrack to my life will lead me to next chapter. How sweet it is to have a song to live by…

I discovered Lupe Fiasco about two years ago, when he originally launched his first album “Food and Liquor”. Instantaneously when I heard “Kick Push” I stopped and just listened. He was not an ordinary rapper. No. He was different. He wasn’t rapping about parties, girls or hustling. He had something new and fresh to say and rap. Plus, the beat..the beat was fresh. Captivating.

“The Cool” was released on December 18, 2007 and I purchased the album that same day. Since then I have not stopped listening to it. I mean non-stop listening to the album almost 24/7. I am in love with this man. And all he has to say. It is rare now a days to have an album that has a common theme. Not only does this album have a theme it talks about many issues which our current society has to deal with. But I waited to write about him because I wanted to see him live. I wanted to see how this talent translated in to “up front and personal”. I got the chance this past Friday. It was Brown University’s spring fling weekend and one of the main headliners was Mr. Fiasco himself.

An eclectic crowd gathered at the Hockey Stadium. But once Lupe came on, I blocked out pretty much everybody that was present with the exception of my roomie. The acoustics at the Hockey Stadium are not the best. There is an echo and well this sport complex is not made for concerts. But even with all of that, he sounded flawless. Lupe came off as a confident young 25-year old. He knew what he was doing. He knew really well. His voice was strong and you could understand everything. There was no muffle. The rhymes were flawless. He first presented songs from his first album such as “Kick Push” and then proceeded to “the Cool”. He rapped “the Coolest” a capella. Just him. No one else. He introduced some new beats and mixed all the songs a bit. He obviously played “Superstar” and he concluded with “Daydreaming”. I highly recommend everyone to check him out. As for me, Lupe will be my superstar for some more time…maybe until his next album comes out…


I have been silent these past few weeks. It has been hard to write. Going through a lot emotionally and just do not want to spill my insides to the whole world. Changes happen. People change. Progress happens. And sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. But 10 years have gone by and Portishead is finally releasing a new album. I have been scattering away trying to find any leaked songs on the internet…YouTube is great…

My favorite band has definitely evolved. To places that maybe are a bit darker than before. Can you even fathom that? Confusion, desperation, sadness…this record revolves around all of those feelings and more. But it is honest. It’s a bit rawer. More guitar riffs, more drums, more of Beth’s voice mixed with an eclectic sounds of synthesizers and mixed melodies. It is smart and witty and just all out extremely deep. Hard to comprehend like always, but if you cut to the chase it is masterful. I have not listened to the whole thing yet, but as soon as the album comes out on April 28th I will make sure to run and be the first to buy it (not to mention that I am going to the concert in 2 weeks in good ol’London). And I will listen to it probably for months straight.

What I see and hear in Beth’s voice, is maybe a bit of myself. So much has changed, progressed, converged and metaphorsized in the past 10 years. It has been 10 years since I graduated high school…hmmm…so much learned. And I guess that is why I am at a point, where finally I am getting comfortable. This is it. This is me, now. There have been some good years and some really shitty ones. But here I am. Me. I’m sorry for all of my mistakes. But I have learned from them. I do not want to play games anymore. I do not want to deceive anymore. Take it. Like “Third”. You either love or hate it or learn to appreciate it. But it is just Third. And I am just me.


Well, last night I went to my first ever Ani DiFranco concert. I must confess I have always been a fan but not a diehard fan. So thanks to my wonderful roomie, I ventured into Ani’s world.

As we walked into the theater (Roxy Theater/Lupos) I was surprised by the very classical architecture of the place. It had a nice and relaxing ambiance. Despite the fact that it was awfully cold in the theater, it was a great venue for Ani. We went upstairs in the Mezzanine level and took our seats. Had a great view of the whole stage.
Once Ani began to play, in a sea of dreads, estrogen and quite the rowdy crowd I began to really fall in love with Ani. She has a great command of the guitar and her voice almost flawlessly travels along the melodies without any effort. She told us that she had been sick and that she had to go to a vocal chord doctor, but despite that, her voice was flawless and relentless.

Oh how sweet is to hear her lyrics. Is as if she says all you feel but you never voice because you are either too afraid or too much of a coward. In a way, I felt sort of liberated. I felt free just by listening to her. I just felt normal that for once all that I feel is not me acting like a psychosomatic delusional nutty woman. And by the looks of it, there were several other women in the crowd that felt the same way. Even men.

So my ode to Ani. Thank you…for making feel a little better about being me. For making me feel a little more comfortable in this age of confusion and desolation. To my roommate…thank you…for taking me…it was a great night indeed…

Roxy Theater /Lupos
79 Washington Street
Providence, RI 02903


Tonight I have a date with Soda Stereo at the Home Depot Center here in LA…sooo, a comprehensive report on this major event in my life will come soon…

Tomorrow at 6am…I fly to Miami…gosh…no sleep, no sleep…

Update: It was the best three hours of my life…beyond amazing…full report coming next week…wow…I literally jumped for three hours non stop…Soda…GRACIAS TOTALES….

On, November 10th, I went to New York City. The purpose of my trip: a concert. Pacha Massive and Los Amigos Invicibles were scheduled to play at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York City. I bought my tickets and pretty much dragged my little cousin to go with me (he had never heard of these bands before).

Delicia Brasil

The night started with a sweet dinner at Delicia Brasil. A great little restaurant in the West Village. We were transported to some remote tropical Brazilian city just by tasting our food. It was glorious. Yummy yummy!!!

My dinner at Delicia Brasil

Delicia Brasil
322 W 11th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2002

Afterwards we hailed a cab, which dropped us conveniently a block away from the Fillmore. Let me tell you, walking a block when the wind is blowing feels like your bones will freeze and come off, it’s a major task. But we made it. Picked up our tickets at will call and entered the venue. Once you entered the theater there was a line for the coat check in. The bottom floor was decorated with dark red walls and couches. It gave it a nice loungy feel. As you went up the stairs, you could begin to see stage only after you passed several posters that highlighted who has played in the venue in the past. Such acts like Led Zeppelin, Arethra Franklin, Coldplay are among others. The Fillmore does not fit that many people. I would say around maybe 200 or so, which makes it a very intimate setting between you and the music.



Once Pacha started playing, oh chills went down my spine. The singer actually sounds exactly as in the CD. Actually, I take that back. She sounded better. My cousin described her as “the hottest Mexican girl ever”, I happen to describe her as a wonderfully talented and gorgeous singer from the exotic land of Mexico. Pacha Massive is mix of Afro-Cuban, Colombian and tropical rhythms mixed with some electro pop. All in all is an eclectic mix that transports you to a wonderfully peaceful planet. Needless to say, I enjoyed their performance very much. They played several of their songs from their most recent album “All Good Things” and they played my favorite song…My love…so I was the happiest girl at the Fillmore…



Then Los Amigos Invicibles finally joined the stage. Oh, it was amazing. They played a nice mix between the old and new. Including Sexy, El Cuatro and Yo no se. The whole audience was electrified by their mixture of a danceable disco pop mixed with some merengue, salsa and samba. If you can imagine it, well…you will be dancing right now. Moving and shaking…”ven a mi, tomame, besame, uyyyyyyyyyyyy” . They played for around 1:45, and the audience did not get tired of dancing and jumping. Everybody shared the same energy. Even the cousin, who had no idea who they were, was dancing and having a great time. If you looked around people from all corners of the world were there. It was a great nice little evening…that…danced itself away….



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