I have been silent these past few weeks. It has been hard to write. Going through a lot emotionally and just do not want to spill my insides to the whole world. Changes happen. People change. Progress happens. And sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. But 10 years have gone by and Portishead is finally releasing a new album. I have been scattering away trying to find any leaked songs on the internet…YouTube is great…

My favorite band has definitely evolved. To places that maybe are a bit darker than before. Can you even fathom that? Confusion, desperation, sadness…this record revolves around all of those feelings and more. But it is honest. It’s a bit rawer. More guitar riffs, more drums, more of Beth’s voice mixed with an eclectic sounds of synthesizers and mixed melodies. It is smart and witty and just all out extremely deep. Hard to comprehend like always, but if you cut to the chase it is masterful. I have not listened to the whole thing yet, but as soon as the album comes out on April 28th I will make sure to run and be the first to buy it (not to mention that I am going to the concert in 2 weeks in good ol’London). And I will listen to it probably for months straight.

What I see and hear in Beth’s voice, is maybe a bit of myself. So much has changed, progressed, converged and metaphorsized in the past 10 years. It has been 10 years since I graduated high school…hmmm…so much learned. And I guess that is why I am at a point, where finally I am getting comfortable. This is it. This is me, now. There have been some good years and some really shitty ones. But here I am. Me. I’m sorry for all of my mistakes. But I have learned from them. I do not want to play games anymore. I do not want to deceive anymore. Take it. Like “Third”. You either love or hate it or learn to appreciate it. But it is just Third. And I am just me.