As you have probably have gathered I am a bit obsessed with music. This morning I woke up so happy. First I was able to get a full night of sleep for the first time in over a week and second Viva la Vida, the new Coldplay album, was out today. So this morning, I got to work a little late and went and got the album.

When I played the first song, a feeling of calmness came over me. Sort as if I was fulfilled for the moment being. Coldplay is a very sentimental band for me because it has been around in some of the most meaningful moments of my life in the past few years. It has been sort of the soundtrack to my past.

All 10 songs of Viva la Vida are great, but up to now (it has been nonstop listening for the past 4 hrs) my favorites are Cemeteries of London, Yes, and Violet Hill. In the past hour Lost! has been growing on me. Overall, it is a very melodic album, continuing with the trend of past albums, but there are more instrumentals and new rhythms being explored. The undoubtedly well renown Brian Eno was the producer. Asides from his successful career as a solo artist he has also produced albums for such acts as the Talking Heads and U2. So far I love it. Somehow I feel transported to Napoleonic times.

Now as far as the name of the album itself it could mean a lot to the band, but to me personally the message hits home. To live life. Maybe to the fullest or maybe to whatever you can live up to. Maybe to a quick rhythm or to a slow jazzy melody. Just to live. Live it. Lately, I have felt that I have been living my life in a less passionate manner. I have conformed a little bit more. I feel like in a holding pattern. It makes me anxious. But hopefully, the soundtrack to my life will lead me to next chapter. How sweet it is to have a song to live by…