I have been absent. Physically. Not mentally. I have had a million ideas run through my mind, but somehow between the thinking and the actual writing it doesn’t happen. I guess I am at a new crossroad. I have thinking and maybe Discoveries will come to an end soon. Not yet. But soon. I need to move to the next chapter of my life and that was has kept me busy. What will that chapter be?

My major decision lies not only in which place I want to reside but also about really, and I mean really, what is important to me? Career, family, love??? What path do I want to take? And I mean I!!! This one is about me and only me and for once I could be as selfish as possible. See I have the luxury of not having to depend on anyone so I could really think of what I want independently of anyone else. But whatever I decide I need to be happy with that decision. So far I have concluded that no decision is perfect. All options have pros and cons. But as I keep on analyzing, I am finding a bit of myself day by day. And that it is truly a discovery all on its own…

PS. I bought today “Narrow Stairs” by Death Cab for Cutie. Song #2 “I will possess your heart” was what made me buy this CD. That and the fact there is nothing good playing in the radio right now. Anywho, the video is interesting. It is about this girl who is traveling alone all over the world. They show her either walking, or transporting herself somehow or someway from place to place whether via on foot, train, air, boat or whatever…she reminds me of me a bit. Always wanting more, always searching for more, but when do you stop?