Last night around 11:30pm I was going to sleep. When all of a sudden my annoying door bell (imagine extremely loud buzzing noise) started ringing uncontrollably. “Who the hell was ringing the doorbell at that time and why?” “Could it be a crazy person in the street?” My roommate was in planet dreamland and she didn’t hear the doorbell, so I went downstairs and got the door. It was my next door neighbor letting us know that the red Pontiac sunfire parked in the back of the house was on fire!!!!!

Oh shiat!!! That is my neighbor’s car. The red head from the third floor. I screamed fire. Roomie finally woke up. I ran up to the third floor banged on the door until finally they opened and broke the news. Flames were coming out of the car, soon after the firefighters came and all was okay.

The thing is that about a month ago, the same girl backed into my PARKED car (without me being in it) and then left. In essence it was a hit and run. She never fessed up to it and I had to go upstairs and call her out on it. Thankfully I saw the whole thing as it happened. But geez…why not tell me…shit happens, it is understandable, but own up to it. Her roommate appropriately said last night, while we were standing on the street as it was raining, “karma is a bitch”. And I looked at him and then I looked down.

I never wanted this to happen to the girl. I truly feel bad for her. But in essence there is a lesson to be learned here. You have to be responsible for your actions. You could debate Karma, or the laws of physics or whatever…the truth is that in most cases…everything you do to others will somehow return to you…So be honest people… cause there is nothing worse than flames consuming your soul…