April 2008

Off to good ol’London…to go see Portis…be back on Monday…probably extremely jet lagged…I’ll try to write soon…Peace!!!


I discovered Lupe Fiasco about two years ago, when he originally launched his first album “Food and Liquor”. Instantaneously when I heard “Kick Push” I stopped and just listened. He was not an ordinary rapper. No. He was different. He wasn’t rapping about parties, girls or hustling. He had something new and fresh to say and rap. Plus, the beat..the beat was fresh. Captivating.

“The Cool” was released on December 18, 2007 and I purchased the album that same day. Since then I have not stopped listening to it. I mean non-stop listening to the album almost 24/7. I am in love with this man. And all he has to say. It is rare now a days to have an album that has a common theme. Not only does this album have a theme it talks about many issues which our current society has to deal with. But I waited to write about him because I wanted to see him live. I wanted to see how this talent translated in to “up front and personal”. I got the chance this past Friday. It was Brown University’s spring fling weekend and one of the main headliners was Mr. Fiasco himself.

An eclectic crowd gathered at the Hockey Stadium. But once Lupe came on, I blocked out pretty much everybody that was present with the exception of my roomie. The acoustics at the Hockey Stadium are not the best. There is an echo and well this sport complex is not made for concerts. But even with all of that, he sounded flawless. Lupe came off as a confident young 25-year old. He knew what he was doing. He knew really well. His voice was strong and you could understand everything. There was no muffle. The rhymes were flawless. He first presented songs from his first album such as “Kick Push” and then proceeded to “the Cool”. He rapped “the Coolest” a capella. Just him. No one else. He introduced some new beats and mixed all the songs a bit. He obviously played “Superstar” and he concluded with “Daydreaming”. I highly recommend everyone to check him out. As for me, Lupe will be my superstar for some more time…maybe until his next album comes out…

This week the New York Times published an article adequately titled “Allure of Cachaça Spreads to U.S. From Brazil”. If you can read the article…is pretty good. I just think is funny that now is when the U.S. is supposedly catching on. I personally have been obsessed with caipirinhas since 2002. They are my favorite drink!!! But definitely like them more how they make them in Brazil. Because here in the states is all about tasting the alcohol, which is not the point of the drink. Is about tasting a chilling, smooth drink that will cool you off and make you happy. It is not about getting drunk…but about enjoyment…maybe that is the difference between the cultures…

PS. As a disclaimer…do not have more than 5 caipirinhas at a time…you will feel it the next day…

Just do it! That phrase is phenomenal. Just do it! Whoever thought of that was truly a master of advertising. He/she just got it. Got that you just need to get into a person’s mind in 3 words or less and make them do something or purchase something even if it is just an idea.

Advertising is the ability to convince the world that they need to be or need to purchase something in order to be able subsist in this world. Some of the best ads in my fair opinion are from Nike.

The latest Nike commercial did just that for me. My gosh I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I have the song and the imagery stuck on my head. Constantly.

The commercial is genius. The theme is to “be a better athlete”. You hear “List of Demands” by Saul Williams starting and just the drums, guitar riffs, and base going and it makes you want to be in the commercial. Just high intensity interval running. Ready , set, go…give it power…come on…just do it!!!

Well, for the past two days, I have been doing just that. Some interval running, with some power hills, major ab work and some other routines. I am sitting here so soar. Everything hurts. Everything. It hurts to just turn, move, breathe. But oh it feel s so good. My list of demands is to demand myself to be better…a better athlete, a better person, a better everything…can I do it???? Per, just do it!!!

Last night around 11:30pm I was going to sleep. When all of a sudden my annoying door bell (imagine extremely loud buzzing noise) started ringing uncontrollably. “Who the hell was ringing the doorbell at that time and why?” “Could it be a crazy person in the street?” My roommate was in planet dreamland and she didn’t hear the doorbell, so I went downstairs and got the door. It was my next door neighbor letting us know that the red Pontiac sunfire parked in the back of the house was on fire!!!!!

Oh shiat!!! That is my neighbor’s car. The red head from the third floor. I screamed fire. Roomie finally woke up. I ran up to the third floor banged on the door until finally they opened and broke the news. Flames were coming out of the car, soon after the firefighters came and all was okay.

The thing is that about a month ago, the same girl backed into my PARKED car (without me being in it) and then left. In essence it was a hit and run. She never fessed up to it and I had to go upstairs and call her out on it. Thankfully I saw the whole thing as it happened. But geez…why not tell me…shit happens, it is understandable, but own up to it. Her roommate appropriately said last night, while we were standing on the street as it was raining, “karma is a bitch”. And I looked at him and then I looked down.

I never wanted this to happen to the girl. I truly feel bad for her. But in essence there is a lesson to be learned here. You have to be responsible for your actions. You could debate Karma, or the laws of physics or whatever…the truth is that in most cases…everything you do to others will somehow return to you…So be honest people… cause there is nothing worse than flames consuming your soul…


I have been silent these past few weeks. It has been hard to write. Going through a lot emotionally and just do not want to spill my insides to the whole world. Changes happen. People change. Progress happens. And sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. But 10 years have gone by and Portishead is finally releasing a new album. I have been scattering away trying to find any leaked songs on the internet…YouTube is great…

My favorite band has definitely evolved. To places that maybe are a bit darker than before. Can you even fathom that? Confusion, desperation, sadness…this record revolves around all of those feelings and more. But it is honest. It’s a bit rawer. More guitar riffs, more drums, more of Beth’s voice mixed with an eclectic sounds of synthesizers and mixed melodies. It is smart and witty and just all out extremely deep. Hard to comprehend like always, but if you cut to the chase it is masterful. I have not listened to the whole thing yet, but as soon as the album comes out on April 28th I will make sure to run and be the first to buy it (not to mention that I am going to the concert in 2 weeks in good ol’London). And I will listen to it probably for months straight.

What I see and hear in Beth’s voice, is maybe a bit of myself. So much has changed, progressed, converged and metaphorsized in the past 10 years. It has been 10 years since I graduated high school…hmmm…so much learned. And I guess that is why I am at a point, where finally I am getting comfortable. This is it. This is me, now. There have been some good years and some really shitty ones. But here I am. Me. I’m sorry for all of my mistakes. But I have learned from them. I do not want to play games anymore. I do not want to deceive anymore. Take it. Like “Third”. You either love or hate it or learn to appreciate it. But it is just Third. And I am just me.