I have been absent from my blog for a while now and I am sorry. Truly life has taken a spin and I have been quite the busy bee.

But in these past weeks, one recurring theme that keeps coming up is the importance of time. I am Latin and by definition I generally run late all the time, especially for social events (just ask my friends). In work related matters I am pretty good about keeping deadlines, but even that lately has been slipping through the cracks. I get bombarded all the time with extra things to do and extra things to take care of. And by the end of the day I am so tired that all I want to do is just fall on my bed and forget the day ever existed.

Well that stops today!!! The problem is that I need to prioritize things a bit better and with all of this I might have to pull some really long hours at work. Which is fine, I just have to make it to the gym as well, because I noticed this past weekend I am expanding sideways again.

A while back, I had an organizational coach tell me that one way to organize your day’s activities is by creating three lists. An A-list, B-list and C-list. The A-list is for all the things that you have to do on that day. B-list things are things that are important, but if they do not get done today the world will not cease to exist. And C-list is more for projects that you have coming up or what not. I made my adaptation to this set up. My A-list is all the things that I have to do on that day, my B-list is for all my ongoing projects. And last but not least my C-list is for all my personal things. It has worked so far, I just need to keep it up everyday. What I have to figure out is the following: I need to schedule some time for daily unforeseen events, and I need to find some sort of encouragement for those days I do not feel like doing anything at all…if any of you have any suggestions…they are more than welcomed….

I am so glad to be back…miss all of you so much…have a happy Monday!!!