March 2008


Yesterday, Governor Don Carcieri signed an executive order in Rhode Island “requiring state police and prison officials to identify immigration violators in state custody and report them to federal authorities for possible deportation.” Meaning, if I get pulled over for speeding, and with my obviously really Latin name, I will need to prove on the spot my “immigration status” if not my behind will get deported back to Colombia. First of all, how many of you out there carry your birth certificate, passport or certificate of naturalization with you at all times??? Truly honestly…how many??? Because, I will take a wild guess that most of you do not carry those documents with you.

So, I am a law abiding citizen, who is a citizen of this great country and now I could get taken in to some god awful place for interrogation until “they” feel like they could release me from “prison” or confinement or whatever else because I was able to prove my citizenship. Yeah, I don’t see Mr. John Smith having to go through that, yet his ancestors are not “American” either. This country does not have a race, does not have an “official language”, does not have any of those things. This is not Germany or France. This is the United States of America. Where Europeans fearing religious persecution fled to, I am sure if you had to prove your citizenship back then John Smith, you wouldn’t be that thrilled either.
On the other side of the coin, I understand their point of view. The US wants to tackle illegal immigration and I get that. I do not think building bigger walls on the border is going to solve the problem though. But the system that is currently in place is not working—obviously!!! First off, the US should join the ranks of most other countries in the world and issue federal IDs and not leave it up to the states. Your license should not be your identification. Point blank. Some other ID card that proves your citizenship and could only be issued at one location by the federal government. AND EVERYONE WETHER JOHN SMITH OR PEPITA PEREZ SHOULD HAVE TO CARRY IT WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES. Additionally, the US and Europe should realize that with a global society, immigration shifts occur. Europe is facing the same problem with Africans, Turks and all sorts of other nationalities. We talk about being a global society, well let’s become one for real. Because no longer is it about being German or French, but about being a person, who works hard and earns his/her keep in an honest manner. So let’s come up with a plan that works. Provisional work permits, so people could work in other countries is a start. I agree everyone has to pay taxes. There are no free lunches…but has anyone thought we could benefit from these immigrants…it might be news to people but immigrants are also human beings.

So why not have a free flowing society, where work permits are issued, everyone pays taxes and everyone works. If you do something illegal, you get deported. But truly let it be a society where competition and market driven initiatives force growth, so everyone is compelled to be working and producing and not just sitting on their hiney because they know that they can’t get fired. Maybe that will drive productivity up, worldwide…hmmm…I wonder what economic impact that will have…

People be progressive…think ahead of the times…I know control is a power issue…but maybe a little change wouldn’t be that bad of a thing…

(PS. I went to see the new Dr. Seuss movie last night and the moral of the movie was that everyone is a person no matter how small they are…see even Dr. Seuss got it…we are a human race above any nationality)



I have been absent from my blog for a while now and I am sorry. Truly life has taken a spin and I have been quite the busy bee.

But in these past weeks, one recurring theme that keeps coming up is the importance of time. I am Latin and by definition I generally run late all the time, especially for social events (just ask my friends). In work related matters I am pretty good about keeping deadlines, but even that lately has been slipping through the cracks. I get bombarded all the time with extra things to do and extra things to take care of. And by the end of the day I am so tired that all I want to do is just fall on my bed and forget the day ever existed.

Well that stops today!!! The problem is that I need to prioritize things a bit better and with all of this I might have to pull some really long hours at work. Which is fine, I just have to make it to the gym as well, because I noticed this past weekend I am expanding sideways again.

A while back, I had an organizational coach tell me that one way to organize your day’s activities is by creating three lists. An A-list, B-list and C-list. The A-list is for all the things that you have to do on that day. B-list things are things that are important, but if they do not get done today the world will not cease to exist. And C-list is more for projects that you have coming up or what not. I made my adaptation to this set up. My A-list is all the things that I have to do on that day, my B-list is for all my ongoing projects. And last but not least my C-list is for all my personal things. It has worked so far, I just need to keep it up everyday. What I have to figure out is the following: I need to schedule some time for daily unforeseen events, and I need to find some sort of encouragement for those days I do not feel like doing anything at all…if any of you have any suggestions…they are more than welcomed….

I am so glad to be back…miss all of you so much…have a happy Monday!!!


A year ago today I jumped on a plane and moved to Rhode Island. A year ago today, I left my heart in Los Angeles. A year ago today I lost the one who I loved the most.

Was this a good move? I do not know. I still have my doubts. Professionally it has been okay. Personally it has been a disaster. All say is for the best, but truly the best hasn’t happened yet. I am hoping next year is better. I hope next year is a bit fuller of hope, and a bit fuller of joy.