Yesterday published a great article titled “In search of Dialogue: How to get Muslims and Jews talking?” This post is not about religion, but it is about dialogue. The article is reporting that this week in Cambridge, Britain, an open letter from leading Muslim scholars to the Jewish community was unveiled. The purpose of the letter is to conduct an open dialogue between leading scholars of both faiths. Any who, for every article that is posted on, there is a section where readers can comment about the articles. The comments, in my humble opinion, have been way more interesting that the article itself.

Readers from around the world are commenting about the differences and similarities between Judaism, Islam and Christendom and how they have affected, offended and insulted each other.

If the world was all exactly the same, if every person was exactly the same as every other person it would be a very boring world. I have friends who are Jewish, Christian and Muslim and I love them all equally the same. For who they are, not for their religion. I think people have the personal choice and right to choose what religion they want to belong to and no one should object to that. Now, how we relate to each other, does not have to be about how our religions relate to each other.

PUSH. PUSH. PUSH. I think the problem lies in the word PUSH. We push our believes on everyone else. Jews on Muslims, Muslims on Jews, Christians on Jews, Jews on Christians, Muslims on Christians and Christians on Muslims. We need to stop pushing!!! I feel sometimes the U.S. tries to push “democracy” on the whole world (and maybe with that some Christian values as well) and we have to understand that not everyone likes to live in a democratic world and not every one wants to be Christian. And that goes for all religions. In a way terrorism, is a method used by a seldom few to force or to make others see that they won’t succumb to Christianity, democracy or so called “Western” values. And that is fine. We need to be able to talk to each other and do business together, and have dinners together and laugh together. We do not need to go to church/temple/mosque together. Educated people are everywhere. Well, let’s be educated and deal with each other as civil citizens of humanity (which we all are) and stop pushing and hating each other. You pray to whomever, respect me and let’s have a great meal and talk about the weather…