A very good friend of mine and I were having a discussion yesterday about self-preservation in relationships. Now, what do I mean by self-preservation? That selfish feeling you have to protect yourself from others in order to avoid being emotionally hurt. What are the consequences of self-preservation? Hmm…I could name a few such as:

1. You keep your heart closed to others, that way you never seem to get too hurt because you really do not feel that much for them
2. You end up alone, but this feeling of solitude is acceptable since the trade off its just a life of instant gratification
3. Ultimately, you possess a feeling of superiority due to this separation from everyone which makes you seem arrogant

Point is that you keep everyone at an arm’s distance so you don’t get hurt. But I ask, are we really that screwed up as a society that we need to keep everyone away because we are so scared to let anyone in? Geez, it is annoying. Is as if everyone past the age of 22 had some deep emotional issues they don’t want to open themselves to the possibility of friendship or love. What is the big deal if you commit to someone? If it doesn’t work out then you break up. Yes, it hurts, but you won’t die and you will live. Live a life of passion and full of love…

Being from South America I guess that is one of the things that I miss the most. Every time I go back, I always find how people are just so giving. They give you directions, or they give you a plate of food, or they give you a couch to crash on for the night or they give you their heart. They are just so giving. And it is so refreshing. Yes, people get hurt, but you keep on going. That is what life is about. It is not to keep yourself in a jail cell so you keep off all the people that “could” or “might” hurt you. I mean keeping everyone at an arm’s distance, does that really make you happy. Having physical interchanges with others, is that really fulfilling? Personally, it isn’t for me. And personally, I don’t get it either and I have been living in this country for 19 years. But for now I am here, so I will have to put up with it.