As I was walking to Starbucks yesterday in like 15 degree weather and my lips felt as if they were going to freeze, I had a realization. I had been compromising myself and living in planet X or Y. I was in dreamland. Really, I was. I was preaching to the choir about self worth and this and that and really being a hypocrite because I was not putting into practice in my own life.

That stops now. I guess with age comes more self assurance. Some might call it bitchiness, but I call it knowing your own self worth. If you don’t value yourself and take care of yourself, no one else will do it for you. And as I think about that…and realize that…I pledge to do the following:

1. Walk with my head up high
2. It’s my time and my time only…
3. I will not beg, and I will not hope for things to change. They are what they are and I should just realize it and move on
4. I cannot stall. I need to move forward. If I am feeling like I am stalling in a situation, then I need to asses it, come up with a plan and a solution, take care of it and move on.
5. And most of all, live life to the fullest. Start everyday with a smile and not let negativity damper my day, for it is my life and my day as well…

So, some call me crazy, some call me demented, but I am just going to keep going, keep fighting and not settling or taking $h!t from people…because…I’m worth it!!!