“Colombia Unida No Sera Vencida!!!”

Yesterday, February 4th, millions of Colombians around the world (in over 100 cities) gathered together as one. One against the guerrillas-the FARC. So they could stop…stop the kidnappings, stop the murder, the lies, the abuse.

I am usually very unwilling to talk about the “bad” things about Colombia. I mean they get enough media coverage, so I feel I need to talk about the positive sides of my country, such as its beauty, its people, its food, its folklore. But I cannot hide the fact that evil groups such as the FARC still have an incredible power in the region. Even after the billions of dollars that the US pumps into Plan Colombia and all of President Uribe’s efforts they still hold kidnapped over 700 individuals. And with drug demand increasing in Europe and in the United States, the FARC will only be more powerful.
But all my countrymen and women, today are walking together as one. One against fear, war, injustice. We are tired. No more, enough is enough. We want peace. Because, I will like to go back to my home…

PS. Great coverage in BBC and in El Tiempo

PSS. If you use drugs, think…you are helping to kill, helping people be murdered in other countries, you are holding people hostage in jungles…you are swallowing or putting in your veins, drugs that are carried in people’s stomachs or in puppies stomachs…and you are okay with that???