So today is FAT TUESDAY!!! I wish I was in Rio de Janeiro right now partying my little booty away. But I am not. I am working on a rainy and not so cold but still cold enough for a Miami girl day. But in the spirit of Carnival…here is a quick recap.

Carnival started most probably around Medieval Times and it is suggested that it was adapted from the ancient Roman festival of the Saturnalia (Italian Carnival). You see, lent starts tomorrow. For the ones who do know what that is, lent is a period of 40 days in the Christian church where you are doing penance and are preparing for the Passion of Jesus. It is a period of sacrifice, prayer and technically (or in years past no partying). Since Christians are some of the biggest partiers I know, in order to get the party bug out of their system, they started Carnival so they could party their hearts away, and Wednesday they stroll into church to get their ashes and start the penance period. So Fat Tuesday is the culmination of days of partying, so you can sin as much as you can before you need to start acting like a good little boy or girl.


Rio de Janeiro

The world largest party today will be held in Rio de Janeiro…the twelve samba schools dance their way through the Sambadrome and compete for the grand prize. This year it has been quite interesting, there have traditional themes played out, as well as a representation of the 100 years of Japanese immigration in Brazil and much more…


New Orleans

Craziest party in the US today. Girls are notorious for showing off their boobs in exchange of colorful beads. But after all the recent events, Fat Tuesday is more of representation of the resiliency of the spirit of the city.



Well, my own country has its own carnival. Not as world renown but still very fun. My brother was born in the middle of this carnival. Yes, yes, his mother was dancing one moment and the next she had a baby…lots of folklore, lots of dancing and lots of drinking….



Ohhh…the original carnival. It is known for the illustrious masks they wear. I haven’t been to it…but I do promise one day, I should be there.


Trinidad and Tobago

Some of my Trini friends tell me this carnival is amazingggggggggg….beautiful customs, great Caribbean music…and it is showcased in one of JayZ’s videos…

There are many more around the world…but these are just a few for you to know about…