I once heard that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. That might be so, but in my opinion it is still one of the most degrading. Maybe because I am a woman but I feel one ’s self worth goes out the window once they join that line of work.

I have been reading a lot about human trafficking and prostitution the last couple of days. I am working on a project for work in regards to the money movements of all types of trafficking including humans. In my research I have encountered several articles and news clips that report on these horrible crimes. Many of these girls are kidnapped or lied to. Then they are taken to different cities or countries where their only choice is to join brothels or go to the streets.

In my opinion, when a woman has sex she is giving something so personal of herself that a piece of her heart goes with it. Whether she wants to recognize it or not that is another issue. So when these girls are forced into becoming prostitutes and you hear them talk, you can hear their dead spirit talk. Is as if they were lifeless beings that were just surviving or roaming this Earth. They have no love, no passion for anything, no one that wants them or appreciates them. Just empty lives. Shamed. I think the biggest crime about prostitution is not the actual act of having sex, it is the stripping of a soul. The actual killing of a poor girl’s soul.

So men might find this appealing. But what I cannot understand is how a man can pay someone for sex and not feel guilty that they are assisting in the killing of someone’s soul. Is the physical satisfaction that good? Really? Because in my mind there will be no pleasure in helping someone be a slave.

PS. A great read is an article by the BBC: “Grim life for Bangladeshi Prostitutes