A while back, someone very special in my life requested I write a post about self-worth. I thought it was a great idea, but simply with the craziness of the holidays I didn’t write it. But it is time now. So here it goes…

What is self worth??? Dictionary.com defines as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect“.

Value…self value…I could only speak for myself, as I think this is truly a personal issue. My self value or worth is incredibly volatile I feel. As strong as I seem on the outside, I’m extremely sensitive to what people say, think or feel about me. My ex-boyfriend will tell me things at times that will leave me deeply depressed for months!!! Now, you might think I am an emotional butterball, but it is not that. I think is the more you care the more susceptible you become to others. But after years of battling with this issue, I am beginning to learn that “caring” is good, but caring about yourself is equally if not more important that caring about others. That, is not to be interpreted as the same thing as being selfish. But it is truly important to give yourself that value, that worthy value.

What happens when you are sure of yourself? You instantaneously become a more attractive and self assured person. You start being the boss of your own life and calling the shots. But it is not easy to get there. I am not there even. I am on my way, but I feel like I just started.

It is hard to tell someone that you care about, no…you will not do that to me anymore. That is hard to say. At least for me is hard. Because it is easy to tell someone you hate to leave you alone. But when you love that person, when you care for that person, that is hard. It is as if you were killing that person from your life, but truly you are standing up for yourself.

So, in giving your worth a true value, so others can appreciate, you learn to be yourself, to love yourself and you learn that by loving yourself, you are more loving to others than ever before.