Hillary won yesterday the Democratic vote in the New Hampshire primaries. This is not a post about politics but about the perception of women in politics and in business. Men have ruled business and politics for hundreds of years. Finally, we have seen an increase in women being involved in these two areas. As women, we always try to seem tough and equal to men. But the truth is that we are not men. There are mental, physical and emotional differences between the two sexes. So, how are women supposed to act when they are being compared to men constantly???

Hillary had an appearance of a tough woman. Some people could even call her a b&t$#. But while campaigning for the New Hampshire primary she got teary eyed when asked a question. I hadn’t seen the interview but my roommate stormed in and told me about it. She said that was bad for her because she appeared weak in front of the cameras. Yet, the contrary happened. Last night, while at a caucus party, I overheard a conversation (with only men involved) and they stated that by her crying she seemed more human and they liked that. Obviously, the results showed a similar opinion.

So my question is what is acceptable behavior in business and in politics? When is being tough too tough, and being soft too soft? Men don’t cry at the office. They are praised for being total a$$holes most of the time. They are seen as role models in fact for acting that way. So, what does it take? Because this is an issue that hits home. Being girly I have found out is frowned upon in business, yet being a conservative biatch takes you places. How is that right? What do you think?

PS. I read this great article by Brian Williams about Hillary and her win in N.H. If you have five minutes please read.