Sunday in the New York Times an interesting article was on the top most read articles for the day. “The Falling-Down Professions” is an article about how law and medicine are two of the professions that are on the decline shall we say.

The article stroke a chord with me because lately I have been thinking a lot about career and what it means exactly. And what do I really want to do with “my career”? I work in the financial industry. I have a great job!!! I really should not complain at all. But now a days, I wake up in the morning…and sometimes I dread going to work. I am not as motivated as before…and maybe you can say I am a bit depressed about it. For all of my talk about passion, this shall not happen to me. Don’t you think?

So I have been thinking and reevaluating my life and my career. What does it mean? And one of my conclusions is that working for someone else is a bit of a bummer. For all is grandeur portrayed in TV Shows and in movies, financiers work a lot of long hours. I mean we deal with other people’s money so a mistake is a serious thing. Long hours to make who money? To make who happy? As corporations grow more and more, I find that the older corporations concentrate in higher profit margins and maybe take less care of their employees. While, newer corporations such as Yahoo or Google seem to prioritize work environment. The thing is that we live in the United States, not in third world country where the only opportunity to work is in a horrible ill factory for 20 hours a day everyday. We have choices. And we have been noticing that maybe giving all of our lives for “he who makes the gold” maybe is not the rule that we want to live by. At least, I want to call the shots of my own life and finances. Where does that leave me??? Well, I have a lot to think this January…