So, I went on vacation and I thought I was going to write and be super productive. Well, newsflash…I wasn’t at all. I was productive in some things, but I really did not feel like writing. I just wanted a break. A break from life, from my routine and from the day to day. I wanted to take in the sun and just be myself. Think of my dreams and my aspirations and kind of recharge my energies for the new year. What are my goals for the new year? What do I want out of life? Where am I heading? All that thinking and questioning combined with doing a lot of Miami errands, spending time with friends and family, rekindling old friendships and eating all the good Latin food…I had no time to write…

So as a recap…last year’s goals were:

1. Study for the GMAT–Done
2. Take the GMAT and ace it—Done…did okay
3. Start volunteering somewhere soon—Haven’t done this
4. Apply to Biz School—Postponed until next year
5. Work, work, work…and impress the superiorssssss…delight them w/ my performance–Done
6. Be less lazy….stop watching so much TV–Done
7. Do more research so I could start a non-profit…and start the non-profit…
8. Travel some more…hopefully Las Vegas, LA, Miami (a bunch of times), maybe Atl, San Francisco, Ecuador, Colombia and (crossing my fingers so it happens) Uganda—Did travel a lot…didn’t go to Colombia, Ecuador or Uganda…
9. Buy my mom a car–Done
10. Get my dad’s estate deal solved—on it’s way

So for the new year…what are my goals…well, hmm…I’m still working that out…so far…I have this

1. Exercise way more
2. Retake the GMAT
3. Go to Macchu Piccu
4. Think about the next step…

So as you can see, I have a lot of work to do. I think January is going to be good for me though. I am resolving some old problems and taking care of some annoyances while trying to craft the plan for the next year. Because at least in my life, I need to follow my passions…for life without passion is no life at all…