Oh it is that time of the year, when our culture of consumerism is in full swing. It is not about the birth of Jesus but about what brand name are you going to get for whom. Hmm….well, shopping…I am guilty of it…but there is something to be said about this. Despite your views on consumerism, this is the time to make the people you care about feel special. Special to you!!! So if you care about someone or you might think of them highly even a Holiday Card goes along way.

There is nothing more disappointing than realizing that a person who you thought cared about you…really doesn’t. And it is not that you only care about the people that give you gifts, is the meaning behind that. The fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to think about that one person to get them something or make them something so they feel special. That in it by itself…its priceless…