My street during the first strom

Well, Rhode Island has gotten slammed this past week with two storms and one on its way. Given that I am a Miami girl, it has been an interesting experience to say the least. Let’s just say I have never been this cold in my entire life. I have concluded I not only like but really loveeeeeeee hot weather. And I will take any hot humid super sticky Miami day over any cold freezing RI day.

My Neighbor’s house

So 10 Things I have learned and done this past week are:

1. Snow Angels…there is a whole technique to it…and they are lots of fun
2. Shoveling snow…not fun…and my back is sore
3. When snow falls is called “dumping”…
4. If it snows, and then it rains and then the temperature drops again…everything will freeze. So make sure you dig your car out and take all the snow off before it freezes or you will be stuck.
5. Driving on ice is like skating in ice but in your car
6. If it snows leave your wipers up, so they don’t freeze
7. Shoveling ice is not fun…at all…except when you are picking at it with your roommate…I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time
8. If you are going to make Christmas cookies make sure you get enough ingredients for 3 batches just in case you mess them up. That way you don’t have to run to the supermarket again…cause you might not be able to leave the house and also don’t forget to have enough milk in the fridge.
9. Pick and shovel the ice off the driveway, if not your car will get damaged
10. Do not wear heels on the ice…cause you WILL fall.

So my winter discoveries are continuing. I tell ya, it is funny just to even get dressed in the morning. But hopefully, (I am praying) this Sunday I will be able to leave New England and head south to beautiful and really warm Miami…because I far as I am concerned, I like Santa in a bathing suit better…

PS. Playing soccer in the snow is fun and also drinking is highly encouraged during winter storms…. 🙂