On, November 10th, I went to New York City. The purpose of my trip: a concert. Pacha Massive and Los Amigos Invicibles were scheduled to play at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York City. I bought my tickets and pretty much dragged my little cousin to go with me (he had never heard of these bands before).

Delicia Brasil

The night started with a sweet dinner at Delicia Brasil. A great little restaurant in the West Village. We were transported to some remote tropical Brazilian city just by tasting our food. It was glorious. Yummy yummy!!!

My dinner at Delicia Brasil

Delicia Brasil
322 W 11th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2002

Afterwards we hailed a cab, which dropped us conveniently a block away from the Fillmore. Let me tell you, walking a block when the wind is blowing feels like your bones will freeze and come off, it’s a major task. But we made it. Picked up our tickets at will call and entered the venue. Once you entered the theater there was a line for the coat check in. The bottom floor was decorated with dark red walls and couches. It gave it a nice loungy feel. As you went up the stairs, you could begin to see stage only after you passed several posters that highlighted who has played in the venue in the past. Such acts like Led Zeppelin, Arethra Franklin, Coldplay are among others. The Fillmore does not fit that many people. I would say around maybe 200 or so, which makes it a very intimate setting between you and the music.



Once Pacha started playing, oh chills went down my spine. The singer actually sounds exactly as in the CD. Actually, I take that back. She sounded better. My cousin described her as “the hottest Mexican girl ever”, I happen to describe her as a wonderfully talented and gorgeous singer from the exotic land of Mexico. Pacha Massive is mix of Afro-Cuban, Colombian and tropical rhythms mixed with some electro pop. All in all is an eclectic mix that transports you to a wonderfully peaceful planet. Needless to say, I enjoyed their performance very much. They played several of their songs from their most recent album “All Good Things” and they played my favorite song…My love…so I was the happiest girl at the Fillmore…



Then Los Amigos Invicibles finally joined the stage. Oh, it was amazing. They played a nice mix between the old and new. Including Sexy, El Cuatro and Yo no se. The whole audience was electrified by their mixture of a danceable disco pop mixed with some merengue, salsa and samba. If you can imagine it, well…you will be dancing right now. Moving and shaking…”ven a mi, tomame, besame, uyyyyyyyyyyyy” . They played for around 1:45, and the audience did not get tired of dancing and jumping. Everybody shared the same energy. Even the cousin, who had no idea who they were, was dancing and having a great time. If you looked around people from all corners of the world were there. It was a great nice little evening…that…danced itself away….