I downloaded several days ago the new Radiohead album “In Rainbows”. Hmmm…what should I say about it. It’s a rainbow of emotions, it’s a colorful rainbow of sounds, it’s a harmonic rainbow of images that take you to far away places…I could go on forever.

I have not stopped listening to it. I am in love. My new love. Oh how I love to be in love with a new album.

I should begin by saying that Thom Yorke’s voice in my mind is incredibly melodic in nature. I don’t know I just connect with the sound and melody. There is just a wild chemistry that goes on between his voice and me. When I listen to it, chills run down my spine and I could just sit and breathe in and out, slowly, and I close my eyes and just imagine that I am in a far away land full of green pastures. It just takes me away, from this world, from reality, from whatever or wherever.


When I listened to In Rainbows, the first song 15 Step, did just that. A wild journey, I tell you. Then as you keep on going in your journey you go through Bodysnatchers where you get hyped up and pumped, then Nude brings you back down and gives you the chance to catch your breath as you cleanse yourself for the next state. Then Weird Fishes/Arpeggi gives you a rush and makes your heart beat to the rhythm. It is quite the adrenaline rush you feel as the song progresses. Then All I Need makes you feel as you were being touched by a wonderfully soft orchid petal. It is sensual and smoky in nature. Hmmm…as you listen to remainder of the album, it forces you to go…go places…takes your imagination and makes it wonder. Wonder about possibilities or dreams or anything you want. There is nothing more beautiful than when a melody takes your soul far, far, far awayyyy….