One of the racers down the track

Well, on Saturday Red Bull sponsored a Soap Box Race in Providence, RI.

For all the ones that do not know what a Soap Box Race is—well, in a nutshell, it is a bunch of lunatics who design their own soap box car (decorated and manufactured from scratch) perform a skit before the race and then go down a hill and try not to crash into the hay at the finish line. For a better explanation go to the website.


It was entertaining. Several of the teams had some interesting ideas. We obviously saw a Red Sox soap box, a RI chicken and some others. There was tons of food, people, kids, doggies and what else but Red Bull. It was a fun time.

The track

So, if a soap box derby goes by your town, I would recommend you gather a few of your friends and a great sense of humor. Get there early and pick a spot and enjoy…well…utter stupidity at its greatest!!!