These past two days I got to spend time with a colleague and friend of mine, who I like to think of as visionary.

I (and Merriam-Webster Online dictionary) define a visionary or vision as having or marked by foresight and imagination.

So what is my point? Well, for the past two days I have been able to talk to my friend about a variety of topics. From professional aspirations and accomplishments to personal goals. The more and more we talked I noticed there was one thing that always connected all of his successes and failures. And that was vision. He was always three steps ahead trying to strategize the next move. Why is this important? Well, as I mentioned in earlier posts I think in life you need to have passion and a plan in order to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Whether it is a personal or professional goal is important to know what you want and where you want it. It is this kind of thinking that can make you successful in life.

As I sat there listening to his stories over some great espresso, I just thought to myself, if only I can be like this half the time. Imagine…I could accomplish all I want to do plus way more. Sometimes, you just have to do things and learn from your mistakes. Keep your chin up high and envision the future and where you want to head to. And that might be enough to make you an extraordinary person.