So, fall is here. Full bloom. Actually, it was such a dry summer that the leaves are hardly turning colors. Instead it has been sort of crazy. One day its 80 degrees and the next (like today) is cold and rainy and 57 degrees.

I’ll be honest. This is my first winter. I mean I have traveled to some places in the winter. But I’ll be there for a day or two and go back to sunny Miami or LA. So not a big shock. Well, the catch here is that Providence is home for now and I have to sort of stay here. So, what to do?

Last night I was in bed by 7:20pm!!! I don’t think I have done that since I was a baby. I just really didn’t know what to do. It was rainy and cold outside and I was freezing. But I know I have to seek out other alternatives. So, some suggestions from the locals are as follows:

1. Find places close by that have fire places
2. Winterize!!! –need to buy another coat and boots
3. Buy long johns or as Italians call them “mudandi’s”
4. Plan some skiing trips
5. Be weary when driving…black ice is an issue…
6. Have milk and bread before every snow storm
7. Have a stock of plane tickets ready to go to Miami on hand just in case I freak out and need to go home to recharge my batteries

I’m sure I won’t die this winter. But it will be an adventure. As for fall, I hope it stops raining soon so I can enjoy the cool crisp weather. It is a bit depressing, not having as much sunshine and it being gloomy all the time. But, like I have said before…adjustments…adjustments…I just need to adjust!!!

PS: Just as a side note. Today in Miami is 91 degrees and its 75 degrees in LA… 🙂