I’m in NYC this week…and it has definitely been an experience…

Top ten things that I have discovered in this trip so far:

1. September is the busiest travel month for NYC due to summer being over and businesses kicking the third quarter into motion, vacationers and increasing number of international conferences.
2. If you are coming to NYC in September book your hotel EARLYYYYYYYYYYY
3. Brooklyn is not for me
4. The art of walking through the city in high heels (take alternate shoes)
5. Cab drivers are great educators in social and political problems from around the world
6. Jersey City is really nice…..
7. If I didn’t speak Spanish I don’t know what I would do…way worse than Miami…
8. The Bronx is not for me either…
9. Contrary to popular belief most New Yorkers are really nice people that are willing to give you a hand when in need
10. My new ritual: Espresso at midnight in a New York City cafe