NBC Nightly News is reporting this week on a special series adequately named “The Secret to her Success”. As you can infer from the name, is a series about women and how they are able to juggle all of the different facets of life and still succeed. Yesterday’s topic was about “friends” and the importance of friendships in a woman’s life and health. Ann Curry interviewed a group of women who have been friends most of their lives (some are in their 80s now) and talked about their lives and the meaning of their friends. These women always shared something in common, playing cards. But what struck me was when one of the women, in tears, said how she knew she wouldn’t end her life alone because she had her friends. Even though she had no children, her friends were her family.

Ann Curry added that there have been studies which reported that women who hold friendships with other women for over 9 years decrease the chances of dying by 60%!!! Furthermore, women who do not have solid friendships are compared to smokers in terms of their health. And that made me think about my life and my choices.

My dearest friend in the world forwarded a post from Tea and Cookies, a delicious blog about food and friends. In it the fellow blogger is trying to decide between moving to Seattle and staying in San Francisco. She points out in the post that one of the things that she likes about Seattle is the fact that she has her nieces there and the importance of sharing with family. In a past post, the fellow blogger wrote about a dinner table that she had gotten and she commented how that dinner table will be the center piece of many dinners, and happy moments shared with family and friends.

I have moved several times in the past few years. And the thing that I miss the most, over any particular place, is my friends and my family. Because after moving, and going through the good times and the bad times, and the boyfriends and the traumas of life—my friends are my life. A dear old friend recently told me “our friends are our chosen family. Our parents are starting to die, but when we get to the end of the road, our friends will be the ones there.” That is true.

My dream then is not to move to a particular place, but just a place where I can have “most of friends” close by. So we can share our lives together.

So to my friends: let’s take more trips together, let’s have more bbqs and bambi parties. Let’s watch Sex in the City on Sunday nights and let’s rant all day about our jobs. Let’s cry and laugh and go shopping together and enjoy wonderful dinners. I love you all…per