In my quest for procrastination for the GMAT, I’m going to tell you a little bit about SambaDa and a bit about Rodrigo y Gabriela…they are my two new finds for the week…



I discovered SambaDa a while ago. They are an Afro-Funk-Brazilian band residing in Los Angeles and I consider them to be one of the hottest things out there. Regardless of what you like you become captivated by the mixture of samba, capoeira music, hip hop, reggae and funk. They get your blood boiling and dancing in about 1.5 seconds. They are vibrant and bring a unique Californian and Brasilian taste to the table. I highly recommend them.

This Friday SambaDa will be playing at one of my favorite places Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA…if you are nearby…should definitely check them out

This Friday
August 24th 2007
An evening of Brazilian music of RIO and BAHIA Brazil!!
1026 Wilshire Blvd. $12, 21+, 9pm doors.


Rodrigo y Gabriela…

Well, some try to keep up with the Joneses and I try to keep up with the MTV generation. True confession since I arrived in the US (1989) I have never stopped watching MTV. That does not make me dumb either (for all of the judgmental minds out there).

This week MTV’s artist of the week is Rodrigo y Gabriela. MTV describes them as “acoustic guitar geniuses” and they are. These “metal” heads from Mexico extenuate a command over the acoustic guitar that is hardly heard anymore. They’re influenced by Metallica, Megadeth just to name a few, yet their style is a mix between flamenco, rock, and Mexican rhythms. All in all, it is just a delightful mixture of flavors that stimulates any ear. They are currently on their US tour and will soon go to Europe as well.

I suggest you check them out at
They have concert info, some songs and even an acoustic cover of stairway to heaven.