(Disclosure: This post might seem a bit materialistic to some, but a girl is entitled to like shoes)

I have been pretty much going to work, the gym and studying for the GMAT these past few weeks. Yesterday, the routine got to me and I decided to go to the mall for a little bit. I am a bit broke this month, so I arrived at the mall at 8pm that way I didn’t have that much time there.

Anyways, I went to several stores and as I was leaving the mall, I made my last stop. Ann Taylor. They posted a sign claiming they had a major sale and almost everything was 70% off. I browsed through the racks finding nothing special or worth spending money on.

The Alyssa Shoe

But then suddenly…I went to the shoe section. At first glance, nothing that great. Then, something interesting appeared. The Alyssa satin peep toe d’Orsay. The shoe is a “Meadow Green” pump and it is just gorgeous. Then I looked on the bottom of the shoe to see how much it costs…and voila! $29 because it was the last pair and it was a 5 ½. Apparently, most girls in Rhode Island have bigger feet. I tried the shoe on and it felt like stepping into a cloud. I said to myself “this cannot be…too good to be true”. The shoe is made of satin on the outside and calf skin leather on the inside, and it was manufactured in Brazil. The heel is 2 ¾” high, which is perfect, not too high not too short. I was in love.

The Jimmy Choo Heron Silk Sandal

Just to give my readers a brief background, first I have a bit of an obsession with shoes. Second, I have been craving these beautiful green Jimmy Choo satin sandals that were to die for. But they were $600 and it didn’t fit my budget at the moment. Then the sandals went on sale but even with the 50% discount that meant I still have to spend $300 on a pair of shoes. Since that was not one of my yearly goals, with a pouty face I said no to the Jimmy Choo’s. But now I get to have my nice pump sandals and I get to keep my budget happy…today I’m wearing the shoes…and I swear I cannot stop smiling…