In years past, we have observed several wars between the East and West Coasts. I personally like both very much. I have lived in both coasts and I feel they both have their pros and cons, just like any other place. Lately though, I have been encountering and becoming very aware of some interesting behaviors.

I have lived now in Miami, Atlanta and currently I am in Providence, RI. I feel that in these cities I have lived in and in some that I have travelled to (including Boston and NYC) I have encountered a considerable amount of people that “hate” a lot of things. For example, my roommate I think hates almost every actress imaginable. My coworkers hate pretty much everything on the face of the earth. Miamians hate all cars other than their own. Atlantan’s hate everyone who is not in their own clique. Those are funny observations, but a lot of people just say or start sentences with “oh, I hate…” I find the expressions quite funny but lately I just hear the “word” all the time. And maybe I am not that used to it anymore since I was recently living in the West Coast. But it made me think…Is the glass half empty for the East Coasters???

Now, in the West Coast, most people were generally happy. I mean I met people that were dirt poor, with debt coming out of their ears but they still spent more money and laughed more. It was sort of annoying at the beginning, and I could remember getting upset at such people and calling them naïve and stupid, but they were just…“oh I love this or that…” People mainly focused on the things that they liked or they enjoyed and became willfully blind to all the things that were negative. Some will regard this behavior as naïve or “fake” but by one not acknowledging the hardships of everyday…could that make you happier in today’s world??? Is the glass half full in the West Coast???

Regardless of the glass being half empty or half full, it is the same glass with the same water. People will have problems regardless of location. But it is all about attitude and how you approach situations. I’m generally a happy person by nature. It is the thing that has me kept going for a long time. It is my life source and what fuels me. But I find that my way of being upsets most East Coasters, regardless if I am in sunny Miami or gloomy Boston. I find the same negative response. When I was in LA, I found most people thought I was funny or sort of fun to be around. Maybe they were faking their acceptance…but who cares…I felt better…

So I guess, for today…I want the glass to be half full. And even if it is not true and honest at the end of the day it is the same thing regardless of whatever coast. I just plainly like happy people more than bitter old complainers who just can’t see the bright side of anything!!!