So, you look at your life and you are cruising. You have a job, you have enough money, and your personal life is okay. You are not worried about making ends meet or anything of the sort. And then suddenly out of nowhere…the unexpected happens. Your roof caves in and ruins all of your furniture, a hurricane comes by and blows your house, or you get fired, or your roommate tells you she is leaving in a month. The latter happened to me yesterday. Not the end of the world, but still unexpected. I feel that in our 20s even when we are “cruising”, we don’t allow too much room for the unexpected.

I read yesterday an article about how you should invest for your future. Anyways, when I was done reading the article I looked at my bank account and I frowned. I have a lot of work to do in the savings area. I mean I have some savings, but if the roofed caved in let’s just say I’d be fu*c#ed!!!!

Some people live their lives cushioning for the unexpected and some don’t. Some just live in the moment. I have managed to live in the don’t have any cushion side of things and it’s not as glamorous. Planning for the unexpected, I feel is something that comes with age. Or with maturity better said. And unexpected things involve not only financial matters, but matters of the heart as well. We cannot rely on our partners, lovers, friends or family to be there for us always. It is nice that there are there for us, but when they aren’t will you be able to make it without them???

I guess the question is are we prepared for when the unexpected happens???