A series of concerts across the world took place on 7/7/07. They were called Live Earth. It was a campaign to start environmental awareness. Over 150 bands played in all 7 different continents and segments of each concert were showcased on TV. Interestingly enough, throughout the concert and during the commercial breaks, they showed “tips” that every person could adapt into their daily lives and in their own way contribute to this cause. Some tips include the following:

1. Car pool (Use your hummer as a Sunday car)
2. Unplug your cell phone charger when you are not charging your phone
3. Turn off the water faucet when brushing your teeth
4. Receive and pay bills online (if every U.S. home received and paid bills online, annual greenhouse gas emissions would drop by 2.1 million tons—plus you save on stamps)
5. Recycle paper and cans
6. Plant a tree (A single tree can absorb more than one ton of CO2 in its lifetime)
7. Go solar
8. Light up your house with energy saving light bulbs (you save tons of $$$ on your electric bill)
9. Have a garden and grow your own food
10. Either take the bus, carpool or try working from home
11. Be wary of grocery bags—plastic bags are not biodegradable and paper bags kill trees…either take your own bag or go to…


For more tips go to the Live Earth website

As for me, my commitment is the following:

1. I will unplug my cell phone charger
2. I will turn off the faucet when not using it
3. I will try to receive most of my bills online (I already pay them online) and I will call opt out so I could stop receiving so much junk mail (it kills trees)
4. I recycle already
5. I will light up my apartment in Providence and my house in Miami with energy saving light bulbs
6. I’m taking the bus to work (I save so much money on gas is not even funny—I paid only $30 bucks last month on gas, cause I had to tank up only ONCE last month)

I think for now, this is a good beginning…I will progress as I go. I will try to be a little bit more conscious of my choices and the companies I buy from. I will not be perfect but I will try.

Today, it was a beautiful summer day here in New England. I went to the beach and it was glorious. After, I took a drive around Providence and the trees were whistling, the fresh air was flowing by, the bay water was sparkling…it was picture perfect…and I thought…I want my grand children to enjoy this as well…so for them I will do this…