So, being from Miami, you think I would be an expert at tanning at the beach. WRONG!!! I went to the beach on Sunday in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Beautiful New England beach, temperature was about 79 degrees, and it was sunny and windy. Very windy.

I put on a little bit of sun block but not that much. And I figured my legs really didn’t need any sun block at all. Ha!!!!!!!! Was I wrong…well, I had a great day. Didn’t go into the water because it was around 58 degrees or so, and being from Florida, well we just don’t do well in the cold water. I went home in the afternoon and suddenly I discovered what I had done. The word lobster comes to mind. Well, I’m like a burnt lobster. Pain you ask? Well, beyond belief is a good description. I think I woke up last night about 10 different times because the pain was so bad…but there is one thing that soothes…and that is aloe…lots of aloe…lots of aloe all over…