This morning on MSN (my homepage) I saw an article titled “Is it wrong to correct someone’s grammar?” And that just brought to mind some unpleasant memories from the past were my boss, at the time, used to correct my grammar all the time, and sometimes in public. This person actually finds entertainment value from public humiliation. So, with that in mind I decided to read the article.

In it the following quote stroke a cord with me: “Barry Leiba, a technical researcher at IBM and author of the delightful blog “Staring At Empty Pages,” said there are “exactly four” situations where it’s all right to correct someone’s grammar: (1) when you’re an English teacher correcting a student, (2) when you’re coaching a nonnative speaker who’s asked for help, (3) when someone else has asked for coaching, or (4) when someone puts the equivalent of a “kick me” sign on her back.”

Thinking back in time, I think point number four applied to me.

The article focuses mainly if the employee had to correct the boss’ grammar. But if we turn the situation around and it is the employee that is making the grammatical mistakes, what is the correct way of correcting????

In my humble opinion, class goes a long way. Class is not determined by how much money you have in the bank or how many people you are bossing around. It is something that you learn most probably when you were little. Everyone makes mistakes. That is just human nature. No one is perfect, not the president, not your boss, not anyone. So, if you do make a mistake and it is one that needs to be corrected—a talk in private goes a long way…

We no longer live in Ancient times where public displays were the norm. Wouldn’t you agree???