A friend of mine recently forwarded me the following article from The article’s title is One-Fifth of an American. I highly suggest you read the article before you continue reading my post.

Both Steven Landsburg and the anonymous writer for YouNotSneaky blog exposed economic calculations of an immigrant’s worth. I will not get into the math sense but rather the absurdity behind it. I am an immigrant in this country. A legal one. But an immigrant nonetheless. When I arrived in this country, I think I cried myself to sleep nonstop for about 9 months. I have never felt such cruelty before in my life. I felt I was mocked all the time. And for Christ sakes—I was living in Miami—melting pot of immigrants!!! I soon came to the realization that this country was not so keen in opening its doors to foreigners. Leaving that aside, our constitution, the Fathers of this country and some great French philosophers stated some time ago we are all created equal—that my friend is the biggest lie they will teach in school, at church or wherever. We are not equal. We simply are not. There has always been a division amongst the peoples. Even when we were cavemen, there was always a leader who was protected more and the others who were more perishable. My point??? Someone’s worth is determined by the power they hold. This power could be attributed to money, social stature, color, race, etc. Throughout history this has been proven over and over again. Beginning with the first recorded events of slavery in Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq), to the Greeks and the Romans, slavery in the 1700 and 1800s, the US Civil War, and we could go on forever. Even today in Darfur, Sudan, the strong Janjaweed are suppressing or abolishing the weaker sedentary Darfurian population.

So how does all of that translate to immigration??? Well, since WWII America has been the leader of the pack. And many immigrants, mostly from Latin America, have been striving to come to this great land to work as honest people and earn a living so they could provide for their families. Yes, it could be argued that it is the fault of Latin American countries for not getting their act together and providing an economic stability that could generate jobs in their own native lands. But by the same token, these immigrants have helped this country to grow and become what it is today. And if someone is educated, honest, hardworking and capable of having a good job, why negate that right to them? Shouldn’t America foster those qualities rather than make these people feel like their nothing just because they do not have a blue passport? Do you realize that not all “Latin” immigrants are toilet cleaners from Guatemala and Mexico? They actually have educated people in Latin America who have earned university degrees. So in Slate and in YouNotSneaky blog they argue an immigrant is one fifth or half of an American citizen, what do you think?

If you watch the news at all, every day there is a report on how many Americans died in Iraq, yet, we never hear how many Iraqis died. If there is a catastrophe, let’s say Hurricane Katrina or something of the sort, the whole world finds out about it—did you know last week 134 people died in the Monsoons in Bangladesh??? So if a Mexican is shot to death by a Minuteman, do you care? Does anyone care? Not really—you probably will not even hear about it. If an American is kidnapped in Mexico or in Colombia—you bet everyone will care—and everyone will know. So maybe Slate and YouNotSneaky attach numbers to someone’s worth, I just attach some absurdity value. So it does not surprise me an immigration bill is stuck in the Senate. Why on earth would America care if 12 million illegal immigrants become legal??? That is right—because I want to keep paying $1.00 for my strawberries at the supermarket…