Oh Paris, city of lights…there are so many things that are so magical about that city. In a way when you are there, you feel you are allowed to just feel passion. It is also the city of love. Last night, I went to see Paris Je T’aime. It is a movie composed of many different clips each directed by a different director and with different actors. The commonalities: all the stories are some how related to some kind of love, they involve a meeting of sorts and they all take place in Paris.

As I was watching the movie, I began to think. What is in a meeting? Not a work meeting, but a personal one. When you meet your friends for a drink. Or when you sit down with a long lost love and talk about the past. Or when you meet someone new and get butterflies in your stomach. Really, what is in a meeting? The truth is that we are social creatures. I think most of our growth comes from the interaction we have from others. There was even a study, which I cannot recall at the moment that proves nepotism has been around since the beginning of time and is one of the key ways human beings interrelate.

But that is not truly my point. When meeting someone don’t you feel that you are traveling to a whole new universe? It is like discovering a new world or continent? The butterflies are sort of like when you arrive for the first time in a foreign country. You just don’t what is going to happen…a sweet feeling indeed. And if you meet them in Paris, even sweeter…